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That’s my line!

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Running away will never make you free.


It doesn’t matter how well-written, developed, and deep a character is, there will always be a group of people in the fandom that will reduce that character to 2 or 3 traits and then misinterpret everything they do based on those 2 or 3 traits which may or may not even be accurate to that character.

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episode 9 was a gem.

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The top ten favourite FMA characters, as according to the third popularity poll

  • haru: makin my way downtown
  • haru: walkin fast
  • scout: nanase-kun?



i find it quite interesting, that out of all Haru’s closest friends, Rin’s the only one who has opened eyes in this dream.
Also he doesn’t look creepy at all, i’d even say he looks amazing with this halo around him, that looks like wings. His eyes demanding, gaze intense. But he’s just too bright and Haru covers his eyes.
Does it mean that in Haru’s head Rin symbolizes future that calls him for decisions he’s too afraid and lost to make? And that’s why Rin is getting all of Haru’s pain when he breaks down, even if all that pressure wasn’t really coming from Rin in the first place.

"If you consider Haruka’s state of mind during that scene - while understanding nothing himself, don’t you think that Rin, who has his eyes set firmly on the future, might appeared to have been shining to him?"


(I wanted to put a read more but I can’t sorry feel free to delete if you want to reblog)

I loved that, in Haru’s dream it’s Rin he sees at last, and just how he sees him is so stunning. Rin is stretching his hand to him. Rin is surronded by light, Rin is literally shining and GOD he looks so handsome look at the way Haru pictures him looking at him, look at his fucking smile. And what Gou’s says, ‘He is waiting for you’

It kind of bother me because, I don’t know if it’s because Haru idolize Rin that much or if it’s because the person Haru thinkd Rin wants him to be terrified him. Rin kind of looks like a godlike man there, and it can represent both of the feelings Haru might feel regarding him.

But Haru says ‘It has nothing to do with you’

So I feel like Haru really, really wants to swim with Rin but that all the other things that imply that are too much for him. All those things are pressuring him so much that Haru no longer enjoys what he loves the most - and so he stops swimming.

(kokoro; out!)

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“One thing you can’t hide - is when you’re crippled inside.” 
"I’m calling out your name; I’m fading
So save me from what I’ve become”